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On leaving the Royal Navy in 1988, Lieutenant-Commander Mike Coombes spent the ensuing 15 years as the Chief Executive (then titled Secretary and Treasurer) of the Association of Royal Navy Officers charitable trust and membership association - service for which he was honoured to receive an OBE in 2003.

It was in this capacity that the number of enquiries for details of officers' careers highlighted the need for a more efficient research facility than the printed Navy Lists themselves.

The last 125 years' Navy Lists were held in ARNO's office, but in order to trace an officer's career it was necessary to look in every List over the period of his or her service, and in order to establish forenames, specialization, decorations and post-nominals, in each List to find the officer's seniority in the alphabetical listing, and then to look in the seniority lists in another part of the book in seniority date order, to find the further information on the officer concerned. Many of the older Navy Lists listed officers with their forenames first and the surnames were not therefore in line, so the task was both tedious and time consuming, and it was still not possible to establish all officers serving in the same ship in the same year without going through the entire book page by page.

It was therefore on his retirement in 2003 that Mike set about creating a database of Navy List information, at that time with a view to making it available as a CD. He acquired his own copies of Navy Lists through e-bay and booksellers, and with very supportive and much appreciated contributions from ARNO and the RNBSO, he acquired Navy Lists and Retired Lists covering over 200 years.

However, it soon became apparent that Crown Copyright costs for CD production would involve many thousand pounds expenditure, and that this would render the cost of a CD prohibitively expensive, when it had been his intention to provide a self financing but affordable facility to be of benefit to the Royal Navy officer community.

The project was nearly abandoned, but before doing so Mike asked the Crown Copyright agents if copyright fees would be due if he researched questions on Navy List information using the database he had created as a tool for doing so, and he received the response that 'it would not be a breach of copyright to set up your own website and answer peoples requests by the use of your database - in fact I marvel at your lateral thinking and ingenuity!"

It therefore became possible for database research to be conducted at an affordable cost, which has enabled him to recover the initial production costs amounting to over £1,000 and expenditure of £3,000 - for purchase of older editions: his work on the website comes free of charge! The facility was launched in late August 2008 when 26 years' serving officer Navy Lists were included, and now includes 50 years.
In addition to access to the database, subscribers may also request manual research by e-mail into the Navy List volumes not yet on line.
In February 2012 one click links to view some 120 digitally copied Navy Lists available online from various sources (acknowledged in this website) for years not covered by copyright was given.

Mike considers that he was fortunate to make contact with Adam Sheik of Celerity Design, who has wide experience in complicated database design and application - notably a leading website interpreting in Chinese characters. Adam's pride in the speed of research (the bottom right hand corner of any research page indicates the microseconds each search has taken), his painstaking attention to detail and attention to the particular requirements and details of the unique role which the website fills, has been a very great asset.

Thanks is also due to Lt Cdr Laurence of Mar who, in the absence of an official source of information, has for ten years kindly checked the daily national press Obituary Columns for inclusion in the website.

The website was launched in August 2008, and is in daily use by many individuals and organisations.

In June 2019 the website was made free of charge.

Some comments from those who have taken advantage of the manual research facility follow:


"I have now spent a fascinating couple of hours checking up on many names from the past. This really is an ingenious website, which I shall be drawing to the attention of any of my ex-Navy friends who may not have heard of it. I do congratulate you on a superb initiative and wish it every success."

"My deepest thanks. It would take too long to explain the need and importance to us but be assured the information has helped a lot"

"Long time no see or hear" - now I can see why. My goodness you have been busy, this is a fantastic asset with colossal research put into it. Really well done!"

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"Well, it's simply a fact that the work you are doing is prodigious, and I'm sure that people will be truly appreciative, even if they only gradually come to realize the tremendous amount of dedicated application needed to compile such a work. The Scots say, "Facts are chiels that winna ding" - you can't get away from the facts; or, as it applies in your case, the work you are producing speaks for itself."

"Really appreciate the site, thank you"

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The following sources of information are acknowledged with thanks:

  • The Navy Lists ISBN 978 0 11 774070 O

  • The Navy Lists of Retired Officers together with Emergency List ISBN 0 11 773005 X

  • The Broadsheet published by the Royal Navy on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (Annual ship and Naval Air Squadron information)

  • The Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm by Ray Sturtevant and Theo Ballance ISBN 0-85130-223-8

  • Ships of the Royal Navy by J J Colledge and Ben Warlow ISBN 978-1-86176-281-8
  • Lt Cdr Laurence of Mar for kindly monitoring information on officer deaths announced in the press, and The Association of Royal Navy Officers, the Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association, Navy News and The Globe and Laurel from which similar information is obtained.
  • The late Major Alastair Donald for provision of information of over 2,000 Royal Marine officer deaths from 19th century to the present.
  • World War II Unit Histories and Officers
  • The Internet Archives Wayback Machine library

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