Terms and Conditions

1. I accept that this Navy List Research facility is an interpretation of the information contained in annual printed Navy Lists, and that whilst every effort has been made to accurately and completely research and interpret the Lists, no guarantee of accuracy, either of the original Navy Lists or of the interpretation, and no responsibility for any possible omission, is given or implied.

2. I accept that the Navy Lists record where each officer is serving on a given day or month for each annual publication, and that it may therefore not record every ship or establishment in which the officer has served. (1982 to 1989 Lists: 31st October of the previous year, 1990 to 1997 Lists: March of the year, 1998 to 2005 Lists: April of the year, 2006: 1st April 2006, 2007: 1st July 2007).

3. I accept that my access to the Navy List Research facility is for my own reference use, and agree not to act as an agency to undertake research on behalf of others using the facility, or to pass my own access information to another party for their use.

4. I accept that some 350 of the 3,000 plus acronyms in use have not been defined in the Navy Lists, and are therefore listed but not defined in this facility.

5. I agree to only use this database for my own personal research, and will not attempt to copy excessive amounts of data, other than what would be considered "fair use" for a published article.

6. I agree that if I use any of the data obtained from Navy List Research that I will give proper attribution to navylistresearch.co.uk

7. I accept that any infringement of these Terms and Conditions may result in withdrawal of my access to the facility without refund of my subscription.

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